Energy & Power Services

Energy and Power Solutions & Services

Alwadiyan Group plays a pivotal role in the field of energy solutions. Here is an overview of our Energy and Power Solutions and Services portfolio:

1. Site Energy Supply:

  • Catering primarily to remote locations like Telecom Operator sites, Mining companies, and base camps.

  • Provision of power generators of various capacities, fuel supply, spare parts, and Hybrid Stations (comprising generators, solar panels, and batteries).

2. Main and Backup Generators:

  • Reliable solutions for both primary and secondary power needs.

3. Solar Power Systems:

  • End-to-end services including supply, installation, and maintenance.

4. Maintenance Services:

  • Comprehensive maintenance for power installations, covering generators and solar setups.

5. Power Distribution Systems:

  • Offering UPS, Rectifiers, Cabinets, and more to ensure a continuous power supply to critical equipment.

6. Energy Storage Solutions:

  • Utilizing advanced battery technology to efficiently store surplus energy during low-demand periods and release it during high demand or power outages.

7. Energy Management Systems:

  • Implementing systems for the monitoring and optimization of power consumption.

8. Power Monitoring and Control:

  • Utilizing advanced tools and systems to monitor and control power-related parameters.

9. Remote Monitoring and Management:

  • Enabling remote surveillance and management of energy infrastructure.

10. Efficient HVAC Systems:

  • Implementing HVAC solutions to maintain optimal temperatures for critical equipment.

11. Energy Audits and Consulting:

  • Conducting thorough energy audits to identify inefficiencies.

  • Recommending tailored solutions for energy optimization.

  • Ensuring compliance with energy regulations and industry best practices.

At Alwadiyan Group, we are committed to providing holistic and innovative energy solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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